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Can Walking Improve Your Fitness?


The beauty of walking is that it can be done anywhere and with minimal equipment. Usually all that is needed in the beginning is a pair of good walking shoes and some comfortable clothes. As you become more used to walking, you can add a pedometer, or one of the newer accelerometers, and a pair of light hand weights for an even better workout.

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How the Sun Can Help You Live Longer

sun beach

Usually, when you think of things that can make you live longer, you think of things that require a lot of time and effort. Things like exercise and strict dieting can add years onto your lifespan, but they also require a lot of effort. However, there are some things that you can do to increase your lifespan and make you healthier that do not require you to put any real effort in. One such example is staying out in the sun. The sun is one of our chief sources of vitamin D and yet, despite being very easy to get, around 75% of American teens and adults are vitamin D deficient. In this article, we are going to explain just how beneficial the sun can be for you.

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