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The Danger of Overhydration When Working Out

dehydrationUsually, when people talk about hydration, they focus on becoming dehydrated due to exercise. This is obviously because in most cases, people do not get enough water. But, there are some people out there who have issues with overhydration. You do not hear about overhydration as much because fewer people suffer from it, but it can be a major issue for certain groups of people.

For example, runners and those doing endurance training may overcompensate by drinking more water than they normally would. Drinking more water than normal is natural and needed, but the danger of drinking too much water is that it can dilute the sodium in your blood. If the sodium in your blood is diluted too much, you can start to suffer consequences, which vary in severity. In this article, we are going to over the dangers of overhydration.


One of the first signs of overhydration is headaches. You do not even have to be severely overhydrated for this to occur either. As far as symptoms go, the headaches are on the mild side and there are other, more severe symptoms that can occur.


One of the major signs of overhydration is nausea. All the excess water in your stomach and the diluting of sodium come together to make you feel sick. Very often vomiting will occur in addition to other issues like stomach pains.

Muscle cramps

One of the more serious symptoms associated with consuming too much water is severe muscle cramps. Obviously, if you are someone engaging in endurance training or you are trying to run, then muscle cramps can really throw off your whole routine. Muscle cramps are not the only muscle issue that can arise out of overhydration either, you can also suffer from spasms and weakness, but those are rarer symptoms.

Loss of consciousness

Probably the second most severe symptom of overhydration is unconsciousness. It may sound unreal, but drinking too much water can cause you to pass out. As most of you know, passing out can result in other injuries, depending on where it happens.


In severe cases of overhydration, death can occur. It is extremely rare and you would have to drink an obscene amount of water to actually cause death, but it can happen. In fact, looking online for overhydration will give you several examples of people who died due to drinking too much water in a short period of time.