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Why Do People Develop Beer Bellies?

small glass craft beerYou’ve either got one or you’ve seen somebody with one, but there’s no mistaking the infamous ‘beer belly’. Usually seen on males rather than females, a protruding belly which is usually out of proportion with the rest of the person’s body is never a good look. 2887

Is it caused from drinking too much beer?

Not necessarily beer, but any type of alcohol consumed in large quantities and on a regular basis can wreak havoc with the insides of your body. A beer belly is often different from an overweight belly, and while it is often caused from consuming too many sugary alcoholic drinks, it is more like a pot belly or pregnant belly than a layer of excess fat. 2888

Are there other causes of the beer belly?

Men tend to gain fat around their waistlines rather than other parts of their bodies. While women often gain around the belly, arms, thighs and buttocks, men will gain fat around the bellies much more before it starts to spread around the rest of the body, generally speaking. 2889

Sometimes, somebody may have a beer belly which isn’t actually caused by drinking beer or any other type of alcohol. It is merely caused by eating too many sugary foods over a prolonged period of time. This leads to the build up of visceral fat, which is fat inside the body and around the internal organs. This is the reason why fat around the belly is so much more common than fat around the other areas of the body. 2890

Lots of stress can also be a cause of developing a beer belly – the male body is very sensitive to the hormone cortisol which is released when a person is undergoing lots of stress. This can cause the body to gain weight very easily, even if you’re not eating more or exercising less. 2891

How can you get rid of a beer belly?

Beer has lots of sugar in it and as we are constantly told, isn’t good for your body at all. By quitting drinking alcohol, you can start to reduce the fat around your waistline and therefore trim down your beer belly over time. If you have been drinking large quantities of alcohol for many years, this could be extremely difficult to do, however, it is definitely not impossible.2892

A good diet, less stress, less or no alcohol and plenty of water are the key ingredients to getting rid of a beer belly for good. 2893